4 Catering Tips Everyone Should Be Using

Chafing Fuel

What you need to remember is that a safe temperature for food is 140° F. Chafing fuel are not only designed to enhance the food and catering experience, but they also provide food safety and quality. Guests will not only be excited about warm tasty food but will also feel that they don’t need to be worried about being sick the next morning. Chafing fuels are not designed to cook, only to maintain a certain temperature for the dish to be warm.

chafing fuel on-deman food catering


Menu tasting

In case you are organizing a large and special event, menu tasting is the best way to make sure the food will meet your expectations!
Ask for a selection of popular choices to your caterer. It will allow you to have a taste of the food, see if the service is good enough and take a look at their hygiene and set up. It is an overview of what your guests will have, so trust your first impression because most of the guests will probably have the same! 

Renting set up for the reception

Remember that you can rent a set up! Many caterers already have their own set up that they might rent to you. Instead of buying everything by yourself and having to worry about it just rent it! It will cost you more or less the same price but there are a few bonuses: you will save a lot of time and effort, you won’t worry that something will go wrong as the caterers are used to this kind of event and their set up is very often adapted to their  dishes. It will look like everything is where it should be.

set-up on demand food catering



This is your main weapon to make sure your catering is going to be perfect. Caterers are professionals but they unfortunately can’t read people’s minds. Communicate with your caterer, give him all the keys he needs to succeed. Some people might have dietary restrictions for example, or you know that your boss loves tons of meat or someone has allergies. Do your best to communicate first with the guests and then with your caterer. He might advise you with a wide range of food that will satisfy everyone! You can also advise him with something if you have ideas! A fresh look on things is always good!

Hopefully these few tips will give you ideas and help you with your catering!


set-up on demand food catering

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