5 Breakfast Catering Ideas in NYC Your Office Will Love!

Shake up your wake up! It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the day and promotes weight maintenance by regulating your metabolism. Especially with a long work day ahead, a plentiful breakfast before or at the office is extra important. Having breakfast at the office is also a fun way to get the coworkers together for a social start to the day! If you’re an office manager, let MobyDish make you look good and bring a tasty breakfast catering spread to your office! Since we work with so many of the best restaurants around the city, we’ve become somewhat of an expert on food catering. So if you’re looking for breakfast corporate catering ideas, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you below!


Top 5 Restaurants for Breakfast Catering in NYC


1. Blank Slate Catering


Blank Slate is a cute, homey cafe and coffee bar in the heart of the Nomad district. The brand was founded by husband and wife team Zach Israel and Ashley Jaffe, to celebrate culinary excellence and creativity. Literally, their name “blank slate” means an opportunity for creativity and a limitless palette. To that end, Blank Slate’s menu is constantly reinventing the classics to deliver distinctive cuisine bursting with fresh flavor.


Featured Dishes for Corporate Catering

(1) Avocado Toast

The NUMBER ONE must-try breakfast dish for THE BEST office catering is their avocado toast. Honestly, this might be the best avocado toast in the entire city! If you’ve tried better, we challenge you to leave a comment below and we’ll make sure to check out the competition. But for starters, the avo smash is silky smooth mounted on a fresh piece of country bread. And then the best part? The chili honey, to give a hint of hot sweetness that just makes this avo toast different from all the rest. Trust us when we say that these will be a SMASH (pun intended) at your next breakfast corporate catering event!

Order Blank Slate’s Avocado Toast for your next breakfast corporate catering event


(2) Bagel Bar

Your next office breakfast will not be complete without a BAGEL BAR – can never go wrong with bagels, a favorite for everyone! You get a large platter of assorted bagels baked fresh daily, with many choices of toppings and spreads, including jam, cream cheese, scallion cream cheese, tofu cream cheese, butter, and almond butter. The bagel bar also comes with a choice of dijon chicken salad, tuna salad or whitefish salad. With all the variety, this dish is a safe bet to have something for everyone at your office!

Order Blank Slate’s Bagel Bar for your next breakfast corporate catering event


(3) Pastry Platter

Last, but not least, we highly recommend Blank Slate’s Pastry Platter for your next office catering breakfast. These scrumptious pastries are baked fresh daily, and add the perfect sweet touch to the morning with your coffee! Choose from a delicious assortment of muffins, croissants, and scones served with butter and preserves. Bon appetit!

Order Blank Slate’s Pastry Platter for your next breakfast corporate catering event


Blank Slate is one of our top ordered restaurants, and is always a huge hit for office catering. Office managers always rave about how great their breakfasts are with MobyDish and Blank Slate, so wherever you are in Manhattan, order one of the best breakfast catering options for NYC office catering!


2. The Egg Shop Catering


The Egg Shop first opened in Soho by husband & wife team Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis who were inspired by the incredible versatility of the egg. The team went on to develop many egg-centric dishes forming an organic, locally sourced menu. With the restaurant entirely dedicated to everyone’s favorite morning item, eggheads at your office will love this egg-cellent catering option.


Recommended Dishes for Food Catering

(1) THE B.E.C.

The most signature dish on the menu is the Eggshop B.E.C, which should be practically mandatory for office catering. This bacon-egg-cheese sandwich is probably ranked the best in NYC, which is no surprise. The broken yoke just oozes on top of a mountain of black forest bacon, vermont white cheddar, tomato jam, fresh pickled jalapeno and panini roll. The jalapeno adds a delightful little kick, while the entire combination makes for a party in your mouth with every bite! Imagine a bunch of these little explosive breakfast sandwiches at your next breakfast corporate catering event – so eggciting!

Order Egg Shop’s B.E.C. for your next breakfast corporate catering event



Egg Shop’s B.E.C. is just the beginning… they’re also very well known for their tasty sausage egg & cheese sandwich. The secret here is in the bread. The sandwich is put together between these flakey, buttery pieces of housemade buttermilk biscuit that just melts in your mouth. With housemade maple sausage, scrambled eggs, vermont white cheddar and harissa, the entire thing is just eggstraordinary! We can’t believe this is available for catering online!


Order Egg Shop’s Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich for your next breakfast corporate catering event



Okay, we have one more for you that your entire office will love. The Egg Shop has some great breakfast burritos but our favorite is the Sooo-Cal Burrito, which has carne asada, fluffy scambled eggs, cheddar, avocado, fries and salsa verde. The bits of stuffed fries add a great crunch, while the avo and scramble are so flavorful – simply eggsquisite!


Order Egg Shop’s Sooo-Cal Burrito for your next breakfast corporate catering event


We are now running out of egg puns and at this point, it’s pretty much clear that breakfast goals at your office equals The Egg Shop. You can be the most popular office manager and make all your colleagues happy and full, so order one of the best breakfast catering options for NYC office catering!


3. Coco & Cru Catering


Coco and Cru brings a touch of Australia to Noho with its health-conscious menu and country-kitchen style cafe. With a white picket fence propped against its windows and rustic elements in the room, the charming interior creates a very homey ambiance. The menu is grounded in breakfast and lunch bites, where beef is grass-fed; almond milk is made in-house; chicken and eggs alike are organic. All the dishes are vibrant and healthful, making for a very tasty selection for office catering.


Top Picks for Breakfast Catering


The perfect sweet bite to every breakfast, pancakes are always a favorite. Coco and Cru’s pancakes are fluffy pillows, decorated with creme fraiche and mixed berries, drizzled with rich maple syrup. When was the last time you had pancakes at the office? We can’t believe pancakes are available for catering online!

Order this dish for your next office catering breakfast



One of Coco and Cru’s most popular dish, this breakfast sandwich will definitely get you feeling happy and full in the morning! A sunnyside egg, along with generous amounts of bacon strips, sits on a flavorful Balthazar bun, topped with a special housemade BBQ sauce; yummy in your tummy!

Order this dish for your next office catering breakfast



Eggs upgraded! Order catering with baked eggs (organic, of course) that comes tossed with pulled pork, tomatillo salsa and potatoes. Expect double or triple servings per person here.

Order this dish for your next office catering breakfast


Coco and Cru has an extensive breakfast menu, featuring everything from healthy breakfast bowls (Acai bowl, granola and yogurt bowl, etc.) to breakfast toasts (mushroom toast, avocado toast etc.). With something for everyone, make Coco and Cru your next go-to breakfast catering spot! Why limit your office breakfast to coffee and donuts when you can order deliciousness from Coco and Cru? Order today!


4. Shake Shack Catering


Rise and Shack! Did you know NYC’s most famous and loved kitchen, Shake Shack, is now serving breakfast, and that you can get it catered to your office? Today a New York food sensation, Shake Shack actually started off with humble beginnings as a single hot dog cart in Madison Square Park back in 2001. It instantly became a neighborhood fixture as more and more locals and tourists alike flocked to the little stand to enjoy fresh, high-quality burgers. And the rest, as they say, is burger history. And just last year, Shake Shack expanded their staple menu to finally include breakfast items, featured here and available for catering online at MobyDish.



(1) Sausage, Egg N’ Cheese

If Shake Shack’s burgers are any indicators for taste and quality, then their breakfast sandwiches will not disappoint. A breakfast sandwich classic, Shake Shack’s sausage-egg-cheese includes griddled cage-free egg topped with all-natural pork sausage and American cheese.

Order this Shake Shack breakfast sandwich for your next corporate catering event


(2) Bacon, Egg N’ Cheese

An alternative to the sausage, you can also opt for Shake Shack’s bacon-egg-cheese, which features griddled cage-free egg, all-natural applewood smoked bacon and American cheese.

Order this Shake Shack breakfast sandwich for your next corporate catering event


(3) Egg N’ Cheese

And of course, to keep things nice ‘n’ simple, play it deliciously safe with the egg-and-cheese: griddled cage-free egg and American cheese.

Order this Shake Shack breakfast sandwich for your next corporate catering event


You really can’t go wrong with Shake Shack, a New York classic and forever tasty. Impress your entire office by catering Shake Shack breakfast – you’re guaranteed to be the office favorite! Just a few clicks away, MobyDish can cater Shake Shack to your office easily!


5. Ess-a-bagel Catering

Ess-a-Bagel 1976 to Present


Ess-a-bagel’s origins trace back to 1976, by Florence Wilpon & Aaron Wenzelber’s Austrian baking family. The art of baking and crafting the perfect bagel came naturally to this family and within two years of opening, Ess-a-bagel was voted #1 in the Tri-State Area. The bakery earned a loyal following and a reputation for New York’s best bagel. Today, Ess-a-bagel’s ownership and management remain in the family, keeping the tradition alive. With close to 3000 positive reviews on Yelp, Ess-a-bagel is practically a piece of New York history, as evidenced by the near-constant crowds (wait times of up to 80 minutes usually!) with tour groups and locals alike.


Top 3 Choices for your Next Breakfast Catering

(1) Bagel Platter with Cream Cheese

As a signature dish, this is an absolute MUST for breakfast catering. A wide assortment of fresh bagels (plain, nine grain, poppyseed, sesame, everything… you name it!) is paired with a choice of cream cheese, butter and jelly. With a bagel for everyone, your entire office can enjoy.

Order Ess-a-Bagel Now


(2) Bagels, Danish, Muffins Platter

Mix it up with bagels AND pastries for the morning! Not only do you get Ess-a-bagel’s signature bagels, but you can also try their equally delicious danishes and muffin assortment baked fresh daily. Pair with choice of cream cheese, butter and jelly.

Order Ess-a-Bagel Now


(3) Nova Scotia Salmon / Belly Lox Platter

Did you know that bagels & lox originated right here, in the streets of New York? Historical food writers identify the bagels & lox combination as a true symbol of the melting pot that was New York during the time of mass immigration. Lox come to us via the Scandinavians, the capers from Italy, and the cream cheese has roots in Britain. Starting off as New York street food to now standard brunch fare across the country, bagels & lox are a tasty way to treat your office in the morning!

Order Ess-a-Bagel Now


Ess-a-bagel not only serves delicious breakfast, but has an extensive lunch menu serving sandwiches and salads. So if you’re looking for any corporate lunch catering ideas, look no further than Ess-a-Bagel on MobyDish. Food catering has never been easier with our catering services.


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