Best Italian Catering with Aunt Jake’s Daily Fresh Pasta

Italian Food Catering

catering nycWe here at MobyDish truly believe that the best part about food is when people can get together over a shared meal and make happy memories! This is why we love Italian catering.

Cooking and eating together remain an irreplaceable pillar of the Italian culture. Per the Italians, a large family-style meal is the perfect moment to talk, share a laugh and strengthen relationships. While this philosophy rings true in general for food catering, the cultural importance of sociability in Italian cuisine make Italian food catering all the more special. Whether you’re Italian or not, there’s nothing like the feeling of gathering over, what could be, grandmother’s hearty home-cooked spaghetti and meatballs. It’s the feeling of home in every bite, and feeling like your coworkers, or those around you, could be family.

We’re always looking for the best of each cuisine, and we’ve hand-picked the best Italian restaurants that cater in NYC. With MobyDish catering services, we can bring all your Italian favorites to your next corporate catering event. In particular, check out the catering menu at Aunt Jake’s!

Italian Catering with Aunt Jake’s

An Italian eatery that sits in the heart of Little Italy, Aunt Jake’s makes pasta fresh daily. Started by Chef Carmine Di Giovanni and Nick Boccio, Aunt Jake’s stands as beacon among the sea of Italian-themed tourist traps lining Mulberry Street in Little Italy.

The rustic-chic bright decor immediately catches the eye, and the large street windows beckon you to look in, where you will likely catch working hands rolling fresh pasta at the front parquet butcher-block pasta making station. Every day the pasta is made fresh, from scratch. Diners are invited to make their own pasta dish with their choice of pasta noodle and sauce.

Truly, Aunt Jake’s is pasta heaven!

best italian food catering nyc best italian food catering nyc


Top Dishes for Italian Catering

1) Cavatelli

Piedmonte style pasta with ricotta cheese folded into the dough shaped like hollow shells. Top it off with any sauce, but we recommend Carbonara!

best italian food catering nyc

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2) Rigatoni

Tubular pasta, made from semolina, durum flour. Top it off with a variety of sauces, but our preference is bolognese!

best italian food catering nyc

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3) Chicken Parmesan

Total comfort food, the breaded chicken breast is finished with spicy tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.

best italian food catering nyc

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Aunt Jake’s has much more to offer on their catering menu, from appetizers like meatballs to specialty entrees like Risotto. Get your office together over this hearty family-style meal and order Italian food catering today!

Need more Italian catering ideas for your next office lunch? Check out our review on The Meatball Shop here.

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