Delivery fee is now $20 max!

You always dreamed of this restaurant located in the city next to yours but “God damn it what’s this delivery fee?!
No, it’s so expensive… No way I can afford it with the budget I have! “
After a lot of thinking, MobyDish decided to … (excited?) … Make delivery fee even lower!

Maximum delivery fee is now $20 per delivery !!!

catering delivery San Francisco

Can you imagine? You can now order at any restaurant and pay $20 maximum for delivery. Make yourself happy and go find the restaurant located farthest from your office and order anything that would make you and your colleagues delighted!

You are now able to have a bigger choice of restaurants for the same price. The days of $30 or $40 delivery fees are over. It goes from $0 to $20 maximum per delivery!

This allows you to get different catering every week or even everyday! We want to provide the best service and the best prices so that we can develop long term relationships with our customers. That’s why we lowered our delivery fee!

Don’t forget that our crew is always here to help you out if you need anything! We can plan your catering together and advise you! We can also offer you a few sample menus for your next catering! We, of course, take into account dietary restrictions, your budget and general taste of the office!

Enjoy your catering!

Svetlana M. from the MobyDish team

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