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Have you ever asked yourself: “What are the tastiest restaurant that cater to me?” MobyDish has them all! We are an online platform for all your catering services. Simply enter your event details and in one click, be amazed at all the top-rated, well-reviewed restaurants that cater. From a small meal of fifteen people to your entire office of hundreds, MobyDish can accommodate orders of all sizes. So for your next breakfast catering order, among the many options, order from New York’s most famous bagel house, ESS-A-BAGEL.



Ess-a-Bagel 1976 to Present


Ess-a-bagel’s origins trace back to 1976, by Florence Wilpon & Aaron Wenzelber’s Austrian baking family. The art of baking and crafting the perfect bagel came naturally to this family and within two years of opening, Ess-a-bagel was voted #1 in the Tri-State Area. The bakery earned a loyal following and a reputation for New York’s best bagel. Today, Ess-a-bagel’s ownership and management remain in the family, keeping the tradition alive. With close to 3000 positive reviews on Yelp, Ess-a-bagel is practically a piece of New York history, as evidenced by the near-constant crowds (wait times of up to 80 minutes usually!) with tour groups and locals alike.


Top 3 Choices for your Next Breakfast Catering

Bagel Platter with Cream Cheesee
As a signature dish, this is an absolute MUST for breakfast catering. A wide assortment of fresh bagels (plain, nine grain, poppyseed, sesame, everything… you name it!) is paired with a choice of cream cheese, butter and jelly. With a bagel for everyone, your entire office can enjoy.

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Bagels, Danish, Muffins Platter
Mix it up with bagels AND pastries for the morning! Not only do you get Ess-a-bagel’s signature bagels, but you can also try their equally delicious danishes and muffin assortment baked fresh daily. Pair with choice of cream cheese, butter and jelly.

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Nova Scotia Salmon / Belly Lox Platter
Did you know that bagels & lox originated right here, in the streets of New York? Historical food writers identify the bagels & lox combination as a true symbol of the melting pot that was New York during the time of mass immigration. Lox come to us via the Scandinavians, the capers from Italy, and the cream cheese has roots in Britain. Starting off as New York street food to now standard brunch fare across the country, bagels & lox are a tasty way to treat your office in the morning!

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Ess-a-bagel not only serves delicious breakfast, but has an extensive lunch menu serving sandwiches and salads. So if you’re looking for any corporate lunch catering ideas, look no further than Ess-a-Bagel on MobyDish. Food catering has never been easier with our catering services.


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