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More Healthy Lunch Catering with Inday NYC

We continue the series on food catering with MobyDish that “tastes like health” featuring New York hotspot Inday.

Inday was born from the belief that food should provide nourishment for your body and balance for your life. This modern, fast-casual Indian eatery serves up flavorful bowls, flatbread wraps and salads made with boutique ingredients.

Inday is a project founded by financier Basu Ratnam and backed by Jean-Georges Vongerichten partner Phil Suarez. Ratnam explains that Inday is a play on “India every day,” and he believes that now is the perfect time for this particular enterprise.

“We are living, after all, in a vegetable-centric age, with simultaneous, and sometimes competing, desires for balanced nourishment and exotic flavor—what Indian food’s been about for hundreds of years,” he says.

With a menu that includes nothing but sustainably raised, antibiotic-free proteins and gluten-free dishes, Inday proves that fast-casual Indian catering can be both healthy and delicious.

Inday NYC Catering Healthy Catering


Recommended Dish: Build Your Own Bowl Bar

Explore different flavors to your liking by crafting your own custom Indian-inspired bowl!

Choose from a variety of bases, protein, sides and sauces that all come in trays for family-style sharing.

Bases start healthy and include long grain basmati rice, cauliflower rice, ancient grains or a seasonal green mix.

Proteins are made with seasonal spices and herbs for Indian marinating methods, like seven-spice grilled chicken, braised lamb in Masala spices, and tamarind-glazed salmon.

Top off the bowl with a variety of healthy vegetable sides and an exotic sauce (coconut tahini is the house favorite) for a wholesome hearty bowl.

Inday NYC Catering Healthy Catering

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