On demand catering: 3 reasons why you need it for your office.

Do you know the similarity between koalas and Old-school companies?

Koalas struggle really hard to get what makes them survive, eucalyptus leaves. Those leaves are quite rare, plus they are toxic. So not only do those cute little guys struggle to find their food but they also need to sleep for 20 hours every day to get rid of the leaves poison. Old-school companies, also having a hard time to find their food and waste countless hours doing so. When they finally  find it, they flip a coin. Heads, it’s tasty, Tails, it’s not. Heads, the delivery is on time, Tails, it’s not and so on.

On demand catering is an easy way to provide your office nice meals. Doesn’t matter if it is a special event or a corporate lunch, on demand catering should be the first option you are thinking of if you need to organize a meal for 10 to 200+ people.

1- You save time (a lot)

Selecting your food by calling all the restaurants one by one or browsing Yelp endlessly is a waste of time. First of all it’s very hard to know who actually has a catering services and who does not. When you finally find a catering restaurant you have to make sure that it also delivers in your area (good luck with that). Some new delivery services like DoorDash will help you deliver your food to your office for some money but you have to make sure that the delivery crew knows how to handle food, how to display it at your office and arrives on time. At the end of the day this is too much wasted time that you could have probably used doing stuffs that are really important like taking a nap or doing another PPT presentation to impress your boss.

The smartest on demand catering services are solving this problem by controlling the entire chain of value, from the kitchen to your office, they even have their own delivery crew to offer a better experience. Also, let’s say you have a last minute event for a very important meeting with those guys (that only eat vegan kosher organic products) with whom you almost closed this big deal last time. Well good luck trying to find a caterer that matches your criteria with the traditional way.

With on demand catering, well, it’s on demand… 1- Send a text, 2- Accept the offer, 3- DONE.

2- You are a control freak

Since we were cavemen, sharing a good meal always had a big importance to create bonds between humans. Except for the suits or the geeky Tshirt if you are in a startup, we’re still like that. You know that a good meal makes all the difference between a cold company with which you don’t feel like working and good vibes company where you feel like partners.

With the best on demand catering you know exactly where your order is with a real time app and google map. And you know exactly when your order arrives at your door. On demand catering always allows you to be right on time and to control everything.

3- You love your coworkers

Greg from accounting is eating vegan since he began crossfit, your boss wants organic only, etc. There are as many ways of eating as there are human beings. And it’s totally OK. Everyone should be able to eat whatever he or she wants, even at work. For a long time it was a pain in the *** to have something as simple as that.

Thanks to innovation and technology, all on demand catering companies propose at least some kinds of filter or personal assistant to handle this. It’s so easy to get a variety of meals with these filters. You can say goodbye to the boring catering routine and delight your coworkers with your variety of food. One stone two birds.

What’s your reason to get on demand catering?

Everyone is different. And maybe you’re already using or planning to use on demand catering service for a good reason that we haven’t mentioned in this blog post. Tell us in the comment section the most important reason why you are using on demand catering.


Jude Grey

image is from “executive koala” a weird and cool Japanese movie from 2005

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