Order Breakfast Online from Blank Slate for Your Next Office Catering Event

Need to motivate your team for that early Monday morning meeting? Throw in a breakfast spread to brighten up the morning! On MobyDish, you can order one of the best breakfast catering options for NYC office catering at BLANK SLATE.



Blank Slate is a cute, homey cafe and coffee bar in the heart of the Nomad district. The brand was founded by husband and wife team Zach Israel and Ashley Jaffe, to celebrate culinary excellence and creativity. Literally, their name “blank slate” means an opportunity for creativity and a limitless palette. To that end, Blank Slate’s menu is constantly reinventing the classics to deliver distinctive cuisine bursting with fresh flavor.



The NUMBER ONE must-try breakfast dish for THE BEST office catering is their avocado toast. Honestly, this might be the best avocado toast in the entire city! If you’ve tried better, we challenge you to leave a comment below and we’ll make sure to check out the competition. But for starters, the avo smash is silky smooth mounted on a fresh piece of country bread. And then the best part? The chili honey, to give a hint of hot sweetness that just makes this avo toast different from all the rest. Trust us when we say that these will be a SMASH (pun intended) at your next breakfast corporate catering event!

Order Blank Slate’s Avocado Toast for your next breakfast corporate catering event



Your next office breakfast will not be complete without a BAGEL BAR – can never go wrong with bagels, a favorite for everyone! You get a large platter of assorted bagels baked fresh daily, with many choices of toppings and spreads, including jam, cream cheese, scallion cream cheese, tofu cream cheese, butter, and almond butter. The bagel bar also comes with a choice of dijon chicken salad, tuna salad or whitefish salad. With all the variety, this dish is a safe bet to have something for everyone at your office!

Order Blank Slate’s Bagel Bar for your next breakfast corporate catering event



Pastry Platter
Last, but not least, we highly recommend Blank Slate’s Pastry Platter for your next office catering breakfast. These scrumptious pastries are baked fresh daily, and add the perfect sweet touch to the morning with your coffee! Choose from a delicious assortment of muffins, croissants, and scones served with butter and preserves. Bon appetit!

Order Blank Slate’s Pastry Platter for your next breakfast corporate catering event



Blank Slate is one of our top ordered restaurants, and is always a huge hit for office catering. Office managers always rave about how great their breakfasts are with MobyDish and Blank Slate, so wherever you are in Manhattan, order one of the best breakfast catering options for NYC office catering!


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