Top NYC Lunch Catering Ideas: Fried Chicken from Bobwhite

Lunch Catering Special: Fried Chicken

top nyc lunch catering fried chicken bobwhite

Don’t just WING your next corporate catering event… plan something special and delicious to impress your coworkers! They look forward to that free office lunch all week. And let’s face it… who gets picky about free meals? For many, office catering is the best type of cheat meal. It’s free delicious food to help break up the stress of the work day, and trust us, your coworkers will chow down! So bring them the best food catering they deserve, be the highlight of their day! Forget your usual, and order from THE BEST restaurants that cater in the city with MobyDish.

For a truly special type of corporate catering meal, try good ol’ fried chicken. Although a staple in the south, fried chicken is (generally speaking), a less common dining option for New Yorkers, often reserved for those special occasions, for cheat days, for dining out etc. The city actually has an impressive supply of tasty Southern joints boasting the top fried chicken. One of which is the famed Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter, which is available for catering online with MobyDish.




Restaurants That Cater: Bobwhite

top nyc lunch catering fried chicken bobwhite

Southern fried chicken is the mission at Bobwhite, a small no-fuss storefront in Alphabet City.

A “bobwhite” is actually a bird, specifically a quail from Virginia, which is, in fact, the home state of restaurant owner, Keedick Coulter.

Bobwhite’s fried chicken is baptized in the Southern elixir that is Sweet Tea, brined overnight and dredged with the mystery blend of spices before going into the pressure fryer.

Any lover of fried chicken has made his or her pilgrimage to alphabet city to steal a bite of Bobwhite chicken, and it never fails to disappoint!

Check out this article in NY Times on Bobwhite!



Catering Ideas from Bobwhite:

top nyc lunch catering fried chicken bobwhite


Talk about a box of pure joy! In signature Bobwhite southern style, enjoy this box of thighs, wings and drumsticks.

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 2 – top nyc lunch catering fried chicken bobwhiteTENDERS

Feast on this box of juicy boneless chicken tenders!

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MobyDish Catering Services

mobydish nyc catering services

MobyDish is an online platform for catering services made easy. Simply enter the details (date, time, headcount, budget) of your corporate catering event and browse through a wide variety of top-rated restaurants that cater in your area. Whether you’re planning for a small group of ten or feeding your entire office, MobyDish will deliver and set-up your catering order to perfection and in a timely manner! As an office manager, you can just sit back and relax. You will get notifications of when Moby couriers are on the way, so there’s absolutely no stress on your end! Catering online has never been so easy!

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