5 reasons to choose MobyDish as your caterer

Why should you choose MobyDish as your caterer? We have a lot of advantages and here are some of them that might make you change your mind about our cute whale’s services!

Amazing customer service

First of all, we make sure that you get the best possible customer service! You have the possibility to reach us at any moment if you need help. You can even reach us if you don’t have the slightest idea of what you want to order and we will figure something out together!

MobyDish in Palo Alto

Low prices

We reduced our delivery charges and food setup is now FREE! Good food and good service doesn’t have to be expensive! Save money, time and effort on food set up as well! We’ll take care of everything so that it looks delicious and stay warm!
We also offer exclusive discounts! During the next 3 weeks, take 15% off your order from Cresent Cuisine!

Good quality

Cheap doesn’t mean bad quality!
We test all of our restaurant partner’s food before you do, in order to make sure that we provide you with the best food quality you can find! All of our partners guarantee fresh and delicious dishes. And we are here to make sure it is true! Customer satisfaction is our priority, so if there are any problems let us know and we’ll solve them as fast as we can!


Track your delivery, Sherlock!

With MobyDish, you’re always aware of where your food is because you can track it at any moment on the map! Say bye bye to bad surprises and worries! Just like in Uber you can follow your deliveryman on a map and see where is it! He is never late now, say bye-bye to bad surprises and worries! You are the delivery master now! Your food arrive still warm and tasty! While the other offices still wait for their delivery you already finish yours! 


You’ll never meet a friend like me!

Finally, did you see this cute whale’s face? Honestly, do you really think you’ll find a second one like this? Join us and Moby might show you the entrance to the world of Narnia … 


Twitter, Docker, RocketSpace, Wharton, Front and so many others are enjoying our services already and are very happy about it


You too,  join the big MobyFamily ! <3

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