6 MobyDish Exclusive Features So You Can Easily Cater Your Next Event

Mobydish has been improved a lot over the past three weeks and it’s thanks to our awesome customers! Our mission is to democratize catering and let people connect through amazing food and experiences. We’re super excited to showcase the 6 new features that will make our cute little whale even more useful when comes time to feed your awesome guests/colleagues.

1 – Easily Compare Your Orders Across Restaurants

We’re calling this the “multi-cart”. While other marketplaces only let you have one cart, MobyDish allows you to create one cart per restaurant! Now, every time you browse a restaurant’s menu, MobyDish creates and saves a virtual cart for you. You can now visit multiple restaurants and create multiple orders without losing your information!

How Does This Help Me?

Going back and forth between restaurants won’t erase any items you have chosen and you’ll easily be able to compare orders amongst many restaurants. The carts are only accessible locally so you won’t be able to start an order at work and keep ordering from your phone or at home. For a better example on how to compare catering orders, please check out the following video.


Multi On-demand Catering Orders MobyDish


2 – Instantly Pick the Right Restaurant/Caterer

After entering your address, we’ll show you the restaurants/caterers we can deliver to you. And because we only work with restaurants that we’ve tasted ourselves and love, you can always look at MobyDish as a discovery platform where you can find new, high quality food! If you “mouse over” on a logo we will tell you why we work with that restaurant and why you should give them a try!

Catering menus restaurants MobyDish

3 – Choose the Best Dishes For Your Catered Event

Mobydish is now collecting data from our awesome customers and we’re highlighting the dishes they loved! When you’re visiting a restaurant, look out for our cute lil’ whale holding a star next to a specific dish and you’ll know that to make your event the best in town, you’ve got to have that dish!

Mobydish Favorite dish

Moby will tell you the best dish for each and every restaurant!

4 – Recurring Orders with One Click

Fall in love with one of our restaurants and their food? Want it delivered every 2 weeks? Don’t want to have to place the order again? We got you covered! On the “Last Details” page, next to the delivery time, click on the + button and select the dates you want the order to be delivered to you. This will place the order multiple times and save you tons of time!

Recurring catering orders on MobyDish


5 – Stand Out From the Crowd

For each order placed, MobyDish sends you a confirmation email and asks you to double check everything. As you look closer you’ll see that two useful files are attached to your email.

1- A calendar invitation, summarizing the details of the events: Where is the food coming from, delivery time, delivery location, etc.
2- Food labels, in a PDF format, that will allow you to let your attendees know what they’re about to eat. Our food labels contain a name, description, and potential allergies.

6 – Complete Catering Experience On-Demand

For only $60 and with a two day lead time, you can have one of our trained caterers stay on site for your entire event to keep your food hot and looking awesome with decorations. They’ll answer any questions you may have and they’ll clean up afterwards freeing you up so that you can enjoy the food and relax, just like every other guest!Premium catering service MobyDish

7- And Many More…

On top of these new features, we’ve added more cool stuff like:

  • Automatically search restaurants available when you enter the date of your event
  • Improved mobile app and the general design
  • Tags on each dish to easily distinguish allergies, vegetarians, vegans etc.
  • Updated the algorithm that lets you know how many people will be fed by your order (still in beta with more improvements to come)

Like always, thanks for reading our news and we’re looking forward to serving you better and better! Feedback is more than welcome by the entire team. We’re here to improve and transform the catering industry. This wouldn’t be possible without you!


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