Catering for Events with MobyDish Catering Services

Catering for Events with MobyDish Catering Services

Corporate Catering Services

Our goal here at MobyDish is to make your experience in planning for corporate catering events, office catering, or even personal catering events easy and headache-free. We have put together this article to highlight the catering services that come with Premium Service. This is a step above the regular catering setup, and includes all the catering equipment as well as a trained catering host. We strive for perfection and to make sure that the only focus you and your team have is to enjoy the food (the closer to food coma you get, the happier we are!).


Catering Services Offered

MobyDish Premium Service

Does your organization need catering in San Francisco or South Bay? Catering in NYC? We provide the perfect catering services for corporate breakfast catering, catering for office lunch, office party catering (woohoo!), food truck catering, or any type of event that needs to feed a large group of people. There are a few type of catering services we offer that can accommodate either a tight or generous catering budget.


Premium Service

MobyDish Catering Sample Premium Service Set Up

Typically, Premium Services are perfect for the hassle free catering experience. A trained MobyDish Catering Host will stay at your event location and will setup the food using chafing trays and sternos to keep your food hot and ready for your entire event. He/she will take care of the service and provide a high end experience so that you don’t have to worry about a thing! And after your guests are fully fed and happy, they will clean everything up, pack leftovers for you (please let them know).


Catering Host

MobyDish - Catering Host Set Up

Don’t need all the equipment from a Premium Service? No problem, having a Catering Host on site can make set up, service, and clean up simple. We will have trained MobyDish Catering Host(s) stay for up to two hours at your event, replace empty trays and help with serving. The person will clean up everything for you before they leave.



Featured Vendors

We pride ourselves in having the best restaurants that cater. Our vendors cook up the most delicious food out there and make every order with care.

Catering in San Francisco with China Live

SF restaurants that cater China Live

China Live has been voted as one of the Best Chinese Restaurant in the Bay Area time and time again. We are happy that our customers get to experience their exploration of Greater Chinese gastronomy in their food as part of their office catering or event catering! In addition to their delicious Chinese dishes, China Live offers choices for dessert and breakfast from a Ham and Cheese Quiche to a Blueberry Tart (yum!).



Favorite China Live Catering Menu Dish

chinese food catering

One of our most loved dish from China Live is the Sichuan Fragrant Anchovy Garlic Pork. With the high heat from the Wok, the garlic and anchovies release their flavors and coat the pork steaks and sauteed vegetables in a true flavor bomb.

Order China Live for Your Catering Events!




Catering in South Bay with Orens Hummus

sf restaurants that cater

Orens Hummus brings Authentic, fresh, healthy, convenient and sustainable Israeli cuisine for your appetite. Orens offers one of the best hummus, pitas, and skewers in town. We’ve recently added their newly opened gorgeous San Francisco location to our catering vendor list. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!




Favorite Orens Hummus Catering Menu Dish

mediterranean food catering

For the Traditional Skewer Plate, you and your team can mix and match to find customize the best choices fit for everyone’s taste buds. The curated meal comes with your Choice of Skewer, and additional items such as Israeli Hummus, Green Cabbage Salad, Israeli Chopped Salad, Tumeric Spiced Basmati Rice, Red Chili Garlic Sauce, Spicy Green Harissa Sauce, Imported Israeli Tahini, and Fresh Baked Pita for a true Israeli food experience.

Order Orens Hummus for Your Catering Events!




Catering in NYC with The Meatball Shop

nyc catering meatball shop

The famous NYC-based restaurant first opened its doors back in 2009 in the Lower East Side by chefs Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman. The mix-and-match menu of meatballs, sauces and sides was immediately a favorite that lead to five more restaurant openings around the city over the years. Today, The Meatball Shop is a highly recognized New York brand.



Favorite Meatball Shop Catering Menu Dish

italian food cateringWhether it’s office happy hour catering, or simply lunch catering, these trays of the famed and classic meatballs will impress everyone. Choose from a variety of balls (classic, spicy pork, chicken, veggie) as well as a sauce (tomato, meat, pesto etc.). Keep the meatballs and sauces warm with premium service!

Order The Meatball Shop for Your Catering Events!




Let Us Help Find Restaurants that Cater!

Mobydish order catering online

Our MobyDish website makes ordering catering online simple and easy. Once your order is in, we handle everything from there.

Order Catering Online

First step is to find out you and your team’s cravings. We have a variety of restaurant in San Francisco and the South Bay that can be the perfect fit for your lunch catering event. Just click Order Online to get started. Then once an address is entered, you can filter by the type of food or ones that are allergen friendly to make the search that much easier!

Menu Planning

Can’t decide what to eat and have a long list of dietary restrictions? Don’t you worry, our team of experts can help you with that. With experience planning over hundreds if not thousands of menus, we can help you plan out the perfect catering menu. To access this feature, click on “Or request a meal plan” and answer a few questions. Another options is to reach out to us through email ( or live chat us! We are here to help and make feeding your team quick and easy.

Click here to read more about all our recent online ordering site updates that make your life easier!

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