Christmas catering

Did you know?

Some facts you can tell during Christmas catering party:

Christmas is supposed to be Jesus’ birthday. But in fact there is no exact date mentioned in the Bible. Most historians actually think that it was in Spring!

Don’t forget to kiss under a mistletoe! According to Celtic legend it’s magical! It can heal wounds, increase fertility and bring good luck.

The first Christmas trees appeared in the 17th century in Strasbourg. Then spread to Pennsylvania. Even before the tradition of Christmas tree for Christmas, Germans decorated evergreen trees to make the gloomy winter days a bit happier.

Christmas catering ideas

Christmas catering is not an easy thing to do! Don’t know what to choose so that it will be traditional and original? For the traditional part we, of course, recommend the christmas pudding and a roasted Turkey (Thanksgiving was a long time ago! It ’s time to eat some more!).
And what about some South African side dishes from Amawale to make it more original?

Christmas tree, but what else?

Let’s see how you can make Christmas catering special this year!

First of all, a funny Santa is always welcome on a Christmas catering party!

Christmas cateringGifts for all of your colleagues can be a nice idea as well. It can be something simple, handy and original with or without the company’s logo. Like a painted wood slice coaster? A mug? Or an agenda with some pictures with all of your colleagues?
Food is always a good present too! Maybe
a Christmas basket from The Italian Homemade Company. Or some nice cheese from La Fromagerie.
You can also put a “wishes box for Santa”. Let everybody tell their wishes for the next year. What 
they would like to come true concerning the company!

You spend as much time at work than you do at home. Christmas is a great opportunity to remind your colleagues that the company is your second family!

Merry Christmas!

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