4 Ways to Collect Lunch Feedback

Unless you have the Jedi power of telepathy it is very hard to know if your friends, bosses and colleagues liked the catering you ordered for lunch or not. To avoid the situation where you are furious because someone else is now in charge of ordering catering maybe you should start collecting the feedback! “But hooow?” you are asking. Don’t panic, let’s see what are your options:

Reach out directly


If you are super duper friendly and sociable, you can go and directly ask everyone what they thought about the lunch. It might sound very obvious but it can actually work. People might confess and tell you in a super polite way that “the salad was not that fresh and there was not that much sauce in it…”

But, if you ordered catering for 200 people it might take a while to talk to all of them… OK, what else?

E-mail them

The second, very timesaving, option is sending e-mailing. In marketing there is a notion called “email marketing” (true story) and it is exactly what can help you. Send an email to everyone who might have an opinion on the lunch/dinner/brunch/breakfast/whatever and ask for their feedback! Try to write something they will feel happy to answer though. Something sweet and funny like:

“In order to make all of you happier everyday, I’m asking for your feedback about the lunch. So, was it extremely and incredibly delicious or is there something you would change if you were the one ordering?”


The problem with an e-mail is that if they don’t have much time they will not answer you. The other little problem is that even if they answer, 100 long answers will take a while for you to read. And after, you need to make a small brief of the main issues and solutions, which could take while too.

So, if there are too many people and you want to be more effective, a surveymonkey might be your solution. surveymonkeyIt will save a lot of time and effort. Create questions that seem the most effective, keep it short, start with open-ended questions and maybe add something like “We also think that…” at the end for any other comments people might have.

Feedback box

The last solution is the famous feedback box! In our opinion, since it is something physical and not digitalized, it is much more personal and nicer. But at MobyDish we recommend only using it during a special event or dinner because if it is a corporate lunch, everyone is hurrying to go back to work so they might not even see the box. Thus, if it’s a special event or dinner, no one is in a rush, they will appreciate the box and gladly help you to make your catering even better next time (if it is not already perfect!).

We smell amazing food catering coming over here!

Oh wait, we have a feedback.


Svetlana M.

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