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Order Catering Online Even Faster!

Announcing our new w

MobyDish’s new website, packed with tons of exciting new features!


We’re so excited to announce that ordering catering online with MobyDish is now even easier! Our goal has always been to make it as simple as possible for people to connect over delicious food. Everything we do, from working with only the best restaurants, to providing exceptional service, is geared towards making sure you – and the people you spend most of your life around – can relax and enjoy delicious meals together.

Of course, part of how we make it easy to get catering from top restaurants is our online ordering system. Our wonderful engineers have worked around the clock to improve the site based on your feedback, and released a ton of exciting new features. We think it’s a lot prettier too. They’ve sent me to wax eloquent about their work and tell you how much easier they’re going to make ordering with us!

Search for your favorite items – like garlic frog!

Now with extra Ribbit

Mmmm. Froggy


Our biggest new feature allows you to search by dish. So if you can’t remember where you ordered the delicious fried garlic frog from, just type “frog” into the search bar, and search by see all the restaurants that offer frogs. You can get yourself some delicious ribbit-y goodness in just seconds! Or you can search for more popular items like Pad Thai, Chicken Tikka or Cheeseburgers just as easily – but where’s your sense of adventure?



Get lunch catering from the BART or Muni

If you’re one of those nefarious millenials – like most of us – this one’s for you. We’ve redesigned the mobile site to make ordering catering  from your smartphone better than ever before . We’ve improved load times, tweaked layouts and re-designed the visuals, all in service of making the mobile experience feel as seamless as the desktop one. Now you can order your team’s lunch on your way home from the office – and annoy the boomers who wish you’d stop spending so much time with your phone 😉


Check out New Restaurants!

Much though we all love tacos, no one really wants them for lunch every day. We’ve made it easier to avoid this disastrous fate with featured restaurants. We’ll be featuring a revolving set of 6 MobyDish restaurants – a delicious carousel of old favorites, hip new restaurants, and hidden gems. The list will update every two weeks – and help you discover new favorites! Check it out below

Because we all hate deciding what to have for lunch

Thank you!

Moby just turned three years old, and we’re so grateful you’ve all been on this journey with us. We’d love to hear your feedback on our new design – or anything else you’d like to tell us about. Drop us a line at with your thoughts and questions.

We’re so excited for our future: we’re adding a ton of incredible restaurants (which you’ll be hearing more about in the coming weeks) and there’s so much more to come – we’re glad you’re with us for the ride!

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