3 misconceptions about delivery

There are many misconceptions about delivery. Here is a little tour in the backstage of delivery that might give you few tips to help you choose a caterer with a super duper delivery service as much as their food !


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First and main misconception about delivery is that it is ok if the delivery men is late. This is not true for quite a while now. Nowadays delivery men have all the necessary accessories to be on time. They usually have an app. That allows them to see when they should leave, when should they pick up the delivery and how long it will take to arrive to destination.

They also have a GPS that shows them exactly where to go and the shortest way. If they get lost,  the delivery man can call the client so that he or she can guide him to the meeting point.

So there is no more excuses for delivery people to be late anymore! 


There is no need to hire a driver that knows a specific area of the city. Specific zones can be settled and there are many ways to do it. MobyDish offers the opportunity for restaurants to settle the area by drawing it on the map or entering maximum time the driver have to get to their destination.

Every zone has it’s own price, of course most of the delivery systems are smart enough to choose the one that is the best for the customer.

Delivery people

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There are some misconceptions about the delivery people as well.

First of all, there are two types of delivery solutions.

There is one where the restaurant is using the services of an organization that provides drivers that work constantly for the company.

The other option is to hire a company that offers only the delivery services without the drivers, and then they have the possibility to carefully choose and hire their own drivers which is quite better customer service wise. The restaurant knows that this friendly cute face is the one that the customer is going to see when receiving the food.

Finally, there is a new trend where restaurants are working with companies that offer delivery services of random people that deliver by bike. It is a very fun concept that has a few down points:

The driver is not professional as it can be anyone who has a bike

They are usually late as they don’t know what order they have to take when they arrive in the restaurant. Also because if it starts raining it slows the delivery person down.

They don’t have to be friendly to customers and the restaurant will never know if it was a nice friendly person or a strange creepy person who is going to give the meal.

Any of the two first options are fantastic but the third one can be tricky sometimes. Choose a caterer that provide you with the best food but also a marvelous delivery service. Sometimes the meal can seem less tasty because of a “Eww” delivery person 🙂

You just took a look at the backstage of delivery, hope you enjoyed the tour!

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