Old Habits vs Good Habits

New technologies change our everyday lives and habits. There are many new habits concerning planning and ordering food catering we all have (or should have) as well.

I’m planning a catering next month

Before you needed to plan a week ahead if you wanted to organize food catering. If your boss asked you to cater for 100 people tomorrow that was impossible.
Today, you can order catering for more than 200 people in 5 minutes. With MobyDish, it is possible even in 3!

Where is the delivery person?

Before, if you wanted to know where your order is you had to call the caterer to ask him call the driver. The driver either answers or not (and if he’s driving a scooter it would be a bit difficult!). Then the caterer called you back (or you probably called 40 times already and your order arrived by then) and tells you approximately where it is.
Today, all you have to do is swipe the touch screen on your phone, open the app and track live which exact street the driver is and how long until he gets to you.

Where is the caterer?

Before, to find a restaurant that caters you needed to make a list of all the restaurants in your area, take the phone and start calling them one by one. Then, let’s say you found one that cater, you ask about the price and it’s unbelievably expensive! Now you have to do it all over again. Ok, you found one who caters for a reasonable price, great, but do they deliver? If not, you needed to call a delivery company and ask for a delivery person with a vehicle where all the food can fit.

Now, you have all the information about the restaurants that cater around you in few clics. You can see on the map where they are, their average price, a small description of the place and the delivery cost.

It’s soup for everybody, that’s it!

Before, you needed to find at least two or three restaurants to satisfy all of your colleagues’ dietary restrictions. Now, all you need to do is collect them and specify them in the filters while searching for a caterer. For instance there 1 vegetarian, 3 vegan and 2 gluten-free. Here you go!

I need to set up everything myself?

Before, delivery people didn’t necessarily set up everything. Or they were not trained for it and did it in a very clumsy way. Today, our drivers are trained to do the best set up you will enjoy the most. They get instructions about the delivery and the set up. They arrive on time and prepared!

New technologies make our life so much easier! As we like to say, it is human laziness that brings progress. Today, to order catering for 200 people, all you need is 3 min of your time and a phone! How amazing is that?

People during the middle age would be so jealous if they saw this… How many people had to work for a single king’s dinner? Hundreds? Did you ever wonder what were they eating by the way?

Just so that you know how lucky you are : )

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