Food Trends of 2016

Trying to decide what to order for catering today? Come along with MobyDish and explore all the options you have to stay on top of the food trends that are sweeping through 2016.

Plant Based Diets
Plant based proteins, such as tofu, lentil, and chickpeas have been popular amongst millennials. Kung Pao Tofu and Hummus anyone? Minimizing meat intake and embracing a plant-based diet has many benefits, ranging from improved health to a cleaner environment. Some restaurant chefs have even begun to deploy meat as a condiment, not as the main entree. At MobyDish, we have partnered with various restaurants to help you embark on your own flexitarian, vegetarian, or vegan journey. Farm Hill allows you to curate a meal with kale salad, roasted carrots, shredded zucchini, organic brown rice and your choice of protein (tofu, chicken, or salmon).

Farm Hill Meal

Fusion Food
Fusion food is the epitome of modern American food, and an accurate representation of San Francisco—a beautiful blend of culture and diversity. Try out Senor Sisig, where you won’t know if you are getting the Filipino happy hour dish sisig or the Mexican taqueria burrito. Asian fusion Chubby Noodle will bring the fun to your office with their spicy garlic noodles, butter lettuce wraps, and kung pao wings.

Senor Sisig Burrito

“Trying the World”
Ten years ago, Chicken Tikka Masala (Indian) and Dolmades (Greek) were admired by few, and consumed by almost none. Today, however, pallets have become more welcoming to feasting on the unknown. Here at MobyDish, we feature a variety of options to help your taste buds go on a curious adventure. Take a culinary tour of Burma with Golden Burma’s Tea Leaf Salad (imported Burmese tea leaves with shredded cabbage and spices.) Then swing on over to Spain with Bask’s happy hour tapas, or small savory dishes, ranging from seared foie gras, to crab croquettes, and pimientos del pardon (shishito peppers with sea salt).

Bask’s tapas

Ancient grains
They’re nutritionally similar to grains, but they’ve got a little more, accelerating its popularity this year. Out with the elevated blood sugars, and in with the omega-3 fatty acids. Hop on over to Gilberth’s for their quinoa kale salad, and feel good about the protein, nine essential amino acids, and Vitamin A.

Ancient Grains

Settle down folks, this is not Pokemon Go—just something far better. Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine. One of our customer favorites include Pacific Catch’s Ahi Poke, a yellowfish tuna dish with sesame-soy marinade, spicy seasonings and wonton crisps.

Pacific Catch Poke

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