Good Atmosphere in your Office Starting Tomorrow

One of the main duties of an office administrator is to create and maintain an awesome atmosphere (to keep the office weather sunny and warm!). Here are a few tips that can help to make it happen.

Don’t worry, be happy

First of all, if you are an office administrator, your duty above all is to be in harmony and to be happy yourself. Because you are the one in charge of the weather in the office. If you are in a bad mood, it is probably going to influence your co-workers. Ideally, you should go run in the morning to boost your energy, eat healthy and practice a hobby you like. But this is just common advice, the happiness cocktail is unique for each person. Happiness is something you need to work on everyday. But it can also be easily achieved if you enjoy the nice little things life gives you! 

Here Comes the Sun

Another criteria that is very important is the lighting in the office. When you are sitting in a dark room the whole day you don’t feel like working (or doing anything at all!). If there is not much day light, try putting some powerful light bulbs to make office rooms look lighter.

Miam miam

Like the first step of Maslow’s pyramid says, food is the first need of a human being. So, a good office catering is one of the keys to make everybody happy every single day! In order to provide amazing catering, collect opinions on what to order among your co-workers, in order to better understand what they actually like! Check out this article about how to collect feedback from your co-workers and use it to improve your food catering!

Team Power

Finally there is of course the communication part which is one of the most important.

Just after the need of hunger and security, (no chances of a tiger killing someone in the office, so we’re good there!), Maslow’s pyramid talks about the need of belonging. Everybody needs to feel that they belong somewhere. As people spend about 70% of their time at work, social life is mostly there.

You need to create a friendly atmosphere, almost kind of a homie feel for everyone. Each person has their own role in a social group, it makes them feel accomplished in the social sphere. Someone is a leader, someone is calming down everyone during a crisis, someone is a follower and so on. Lunch all together, an after work drink, an event catering, maybe a week-end somewhere with the whole office can help to create this feeling. If people gather together and communicate, they will slowly develop the belonging feeling we are talking about. And this feeling is one of the key to success and happy workers in a company.

Here are some ideas of “freedom” given to employees so they can literally feel like home: 





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