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Group Ordering is Here!

Group ordering is live on Mobydish! Group ordering allows your team to select their favorite meal from top rated restaurants in the area, and makes group ordering a breeze! Team members love the ability to customize their own lunch. It allows them to select their perfect meal to look forward to, and order based on their individual dietary restrictions. Simply choose your restaurant, send out your team link, and team members can customize their order. Set a dollar amount to be covered by your company, and team members can individually pay the difference if the employer contribution is exceeded. Track team orders on your dashboard with names and emails and submit! Meals will be delivered with labels for each individual upon drop off. Our Mobydish driver will handle the set up to your specifications, so your team can look forward to enjoying lunch together!

Here’s How to Create Your First Group Order

1. After entering the delivery address, select “Individual Portion” from the ordering page.

2. Select your favorite restaurant from the area, and select “Start Group Order.” This will need to be done from the Admin account, who will be sending out the link for the team to group order

3. Enter the expected headcount and the maximum employer contribution, and designate if the company will pay for delivery fee and tips. Expected headcount does not limit the number of meals that can be placed into an order.

4. Enter the order details, including delivery date and any specific building instructions for our driver for easy delivery. Select “Credit Card” to generate your group order.

5. Select “Share Group Order Link” and you can share the link with your team members for each team member to submit their order from the selected restaurant.

6. Mobydish does not require team members to sign up for an account upon placing their order, but will ask for their first, last name, and email address. This helps gives you visibility on who has submitted their order, as well as help us create labels for each individual meal for easy pick up. 

If the team member exceeds the maximum company contribution allocated for their meal, they will be prompted to pay the difference after selecting “Save Order”

7. View the status of your group order by logging into your account and selecting “Manage My Orders.” The number of orders that have been placed along with each team members name will be visible for review.

8. Once your team has submitted all of the company meals, select “Finalize Group Order” complete the payment, and Voila!

You’ll receive a conformation email with the order details for your records. As we know things tend to change when it comes to meal planning, orders can be modified up to the designated lead time for each restaurant, many just 21 hours in advance. When the order has been picked up by our Mobydish driver, you’ll be notified via text and email with real time tracking of the order on the way to the office! Bon Appetit!

Have questions or meal planning needs for your team? Feel free to reach out to us here

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