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Food is extremely important as I said, and the opportunity to order catering gives you also the option of ordering something healthy or not. It is important to remember though that you can not only eat healthy food as well. Our body needs also some unhealthy food from time to time (and our good mood needs it as well :))! So, here are is some advice about healthy food catering:


catering food health

One of the possibilities is to count calories of what you eat. A grownup person needs an average of 1800 calories per day and 1200 if you want to lose weight. So, there should be three big meals of 400 calories for example, and two small snacks between them of 200 calories for example. The good side of this method is that you can eat whatever you want. The bad point is that you always need to count. There are few apps that count the amount of calories in your meal, for example Lose it!, Myfitnesspal or Fooducate.

I <3 Fruits & Vegetables

catering food health

Avoid refined and high sugar foods. A very simple thing that you hear a lot in your life is: eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. As simple as it gets, when you look for food catering, look for a salad or at least a dish with vegetables. It is extremely easy to do. Salads also gives a freshness feel, it helps to feel yourself light and dynamic! And instead of taking huge slices of cake, take a fruit salad 🙂 It will give you the same light & fresh feel! And your body will say thank you for this many times.


Another very easy way of healthy nutrition is stop drinking beverages like coke, sprite and so on. Change your soda drinking habit! If you look at the number of calories and knew how much coloring are used in some sodas you would be horrified! It’s like opening your highlighter and drinking it. It’s better to drink plenty of water! People needs at least 2L of water per day!

Catering O’Clock

catering food eating health

Eat regularly during the day. It is also very important to eat at the same time everyday. A body gets used to the time and then it is already ready (wow, what a word play!) and waiting for the food. Which means, the food is digested better and you will not feel hungry 5 min after you ate!

Your meal should be very big in the morning and then smaller and smaller. Dinner should be very light. As you are going to sleep soon, your body should sleep without worrying that it still has to digest something!

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