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Individually Packaged Catering

At MobyDish, we’ve built a culture around shared meals and celebrations of all types. With return to work coming into fruition, our team is excited to serve our clients in the safest and most responsible way. We’ve taken this time to think long and hard on what we can do to put our clients at ease once normalcy resumes at the workplace and are excited to present some new options tailored to keep your team safe. Introducing our new individually boxed catering option at MobyDish, allowing for users to get the same customizable options and great tasting meals without the risk of cross contamination associated with communal meals. Your wellness is our biggest priority so you can rest assured our team is well equipped to provide you with the safest delivery experience while delivering meals that are packaged in individually boxed containers for your convenience and ease of mind. 

Guide to Placing an Order

We’ve worked with our awesome restaurant partners to create flexible menu options offering individually packaged meals as an addition to family style. Clients will be able to order in the same, simple manner on our website as they’re accustomed to but will now be able to select an option to have their meal individually packaged. 

Ways to order individually packaged portions: 

  • After having selected a restaurant, (Jack’s Sliders and Sushi is this case). find the “Filter Dishes” button. You’ll be able to filter the menu for individually packaged meals or more traditional communal platters. “Trays” refers to shared offerings while “A La Carte” will guide you to individually boxed meals

  • Now that you have selected “A La Carte”, all the individual menu options will populate. As you can see, Individually Packaged Meal options and Individual Appetizers gets populated

  • Each dish will show how many people that specific offering will serve. As you can see below, the “Individual Bowl” serves 1 person. Offerings that are single-serving are what you can select from for individually packaged meals

  • In fact, any category with the word “Individual” in the category name as seen below is perfect for safe, individually packaged catering meals. Every restaurant live on MobyDish will have individual options for you and your team

  • If you have further questions about packaging of individual offerings, please check the description for more information or contact our team in our always available live chat at Contact MobyDish! Live chat is also available while placing your order

  • MobyDish’s mission has always been to allow people to share special moments together. Food is a worldwide spoken language, and with our new individually packaged catering options, you can reconnect with the people you love safely and responsibly.

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