MobyDish Return To Work Plan

At MobyDish, we’ve built a culture around shared meals and celebrations of all types. With the return to work restrictions expected to be lifted in the near future, our team as well as our restaurant partners have been proactively collaborating for ways to ensure we can serve our clients in the safest and most responsible way. We’ve taken this time to think long and hard on what we can do to put our clients at ease once normalcy resumes at the workplace and are excited to present some new options tailored to keep your team safe.


Individually Packaged Meals

We’ve worked with our awesome restaurant partners to create flexible menu options offering individually packaged meals as an addition to family style. Clients will be able to order in the same, simple manner on our website as they’re accustomed to but will soon be able to select an option to have their meal individually packaged. We understand people will be adhering to some level of social distancing even after restrictions are lifted, so we felt compelled to offer this to our clients to accommodate the current climate and look forward to updating you about this new process shortly.


Meals Served By A Certified Food Professional

Let Our Trained Food Professionals Serve Your Next Meal

MobyDish has always been at the forefront of adaptation. We’re happy to introduce a new perk where clients are now able to have their meals served by certified professionals in the foodservice industry. Our goal is to keep you safe from cross contamination while allowing your team to still be able to share a meal. 

These individuals are certified at handling food while knowledgeable in regards to all aspects of food safety protocols. Our staff would handle setup, serving, replenishing, and cleaning up so all your focus should be chowing down delicious meals. If you’d like to learn more about how to reintroduce your food & culture programs, connect with us and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly.


Adding Protocols For A Safe Delivery

In order to ensure we can provide a safe delivery experience, we’ve added some additional preventative measures to keep your team healthy. Moving forward, our couriers will be provided with sanitizing wipes to wipe all food containers prior to service. In addition, all MobyDish equipment will be sanitized prior to service and in between all orders to provide the safest delivery experience possible. Our couriers will be disinfecting their hands before heading to their pick up locations, at the restaurants, and on-site with disinfectant wipes before putting on gloves to set up your meals. They are also disinfecting their hands before leaving drop off sites and will be equipped with masks which they’ll be wearing at all times on site.


Corporate Catering Is Evolving

Keeping Our Clients Happy Is Our Biggest Priority

Despite these challenging times, we at MobyDish are encouraged by the creativity, resolve, and strength of our team members, restaurant partners, and clients. It’s truly a testament both to their adaptability as well as their genuine care to navigate the ever changing world of corporate catering. We appreciate all of our fantastic restaurant partners who helped us create adaptable programs to fit all types of client needs. We’re forever grateful for our soldiers on the ground, our incredible couriers who are the heartbeat of our company delivering the type of experience our clients have come to expect from us. These challenges have brought new opportunities for us to be creative and develop innovative offerings that are relevant to our clients connecting teams over delicious food while importantly keeping them safe.

If your team is interested in learning more about these services, connect with us and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly! 


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