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Me & Tasty - Tasty Omelette

Top Breakfast Catering Restaurants in SF

Some days, you just need an extra boost to start your mornings. Every team works hard to meet deadlines the day before and deserve some food love. There’s nothing better than office breakfast catering to make mornings (especially Monday’s) a little more bearable. It’s been proven that a happy team means more productivity going around, so why not make it happen with MobyDish breakfast catering options.

Morning Catering Bursting with Flavor

We have a plethora of San Francisco restaurants that cater, some of which will be featured below, who have breakfast dishes that are packed with flavor, protein, carbs, fats, etc. People do say that the first meal of the day is the most important, so plan the breakfast event of the year and order catering for your teams in the Bay Area! On another note, if your team isn’t an early riser, teams will surely also appreciate brunch catering.

Breakfast Catering Restaurants in San Francisco

If you’re interested in breakfast catering for your team, don’t hesitate to order from these vendors who not only feature office lunch catering items but breakfast food as well.

Mr. East Kitchen Catering

Coffee with an egg sunny side up? And Bacon? And Avocado? Check. Check. Check. Mr. East Kitchen Catering is a cute little cafe in San Francisco that has partnered up with us to bring breakfast catering to your team!

Favorite Breakfast Dishes from Mr. East Kitchen Catering

They have DIY Breakfast options such as the Breakfast Sandwich Bar or the Regular Breakfast Bar that offers customized breakfast catering meals.

Order Breakfast Catering from Mr. East Kitchen!

Mr. East Kitchen Breakfast Catering Spread Mr. East Kitchen Cute Dining


LaLe Catering

LaLe Catering brings unique brunch dishes made with their family recipes straight to your next office breakfast catering! Their ingredients are locally sourced and prepared from scratch as much as possible for that healthy and delicious corporate catering experience.

Favorite Breakfast Dishes from LaLe Catering

Some of our favorite breakfast items are: Napa (bacon, mushroom, bell peppers, and goat cheese) and Louisiana (Louisiana sausage, spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella, with a tinge of spicy to spice it up) both served with house potatoes, homemade English muffins, butter, and homemade jam.

Order Breakfast Catering from Lale!

Lale Breakfast Dish


Me & Tasty Catering

Me & Tasty Catering offers a tasty mix of Thai classics and Asian fusion delights. Known for their flavorful dishes and unique brunch options, Me & Tasty is quickly becoming a SF Thai staple.

Favorite Breakfast Dishes from Me & Tasty Catering

They offer variety of breakfast and brunch dishes such as Eggs Benedict: Good Ol’ Benny (a classic), Crab Benny, and Salmon Benny. Some of our favorites corporate breakfast catering ideas also include their flavor packed: Nun Omelette (shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions), Monkey French Toast (challah bread soaked in vanilla custurd, shown below on left), Charcoal Pancakes (topped with seasonal fruit, pure maple syrup, and mascarpone cream, shown below on right), and many more! Don’t forget to check Me & Tasty out for more breakfast/brunch catering options.

Order Breakfast Catering from Me & Tasty!

Me & Tasty Catering Breakfast Charcoal Pancakes Me & Tasty Catering Monkey Bread French Toast

Need More Office Catering Breakfast Ideas?

If you’re still not convinced, head over to our online catering website MobyDish and check out our vendors who offer breakfast and lunch catering options. We know that it’s not always about office lunch catering, so don’t forget your morning breakfast team members and order MobyDish catering today! San Francisco and South Bay breakfast catering, we got you covered.

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