Order catering online became real!

How to use a button?

  1. Right click on the picture that you like and click on copy image address
  2. Modify the following code: <a href=”http://mobydish.com/catering” target=”_blank”><img src=”Paste address here”></a>
  3. Replace http://mobydish.com/catering by the URL we gave you and replace paste address here with the image address you just copied
  4. Paste the  full new code on your website (be careful to don’t remove any “” in the code) and your awesome new cute button should be now visible.

And again, as always if you need anything: https://www.mobydish.com/contact/

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MobyDish is the first end-to-end solution allowing anybody to instantly place catering orders. We’ve been able to create a reliable and easy-to-use technology combined with an outstanding service answering every person used to order catering.

We’re now releasing our catering buttons to our partners in order to save them time, simplify relationships with their customers and increase their sales!
We’re providing them a unique URL where their customer can order online from them through MobyDish. This link can be sent and shared with anybody.

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