Tips To Boost Remote Work Productivity

As most of us continue to work from home, it’s easy to allow the constant barrage of negative news surrounding the pandemic to distract and discourage us. After-all, a 24 hour news cycle with seemingly endless negative tone coupled with social media posts flooding content surrounding the current climate can certainly take a toll. It’s important to maintain a level of normalcy even during a period that is anything but normal. At MobyDish, we’ve built a culture around shared meals. Working from separate locations defeats our primary purpose of delivering delicious meals from your favorite, local restaurants so you and your team can enjoy that special moment collectively. In the interest of helping everyone cope during this pandemic, we’ve gathered some best practices our clients have shared with us on making the most out of this work from home period. 

Plants and Natural Lighting Can Boost Remote Work Productivity

Environment Is Key To Remote Work Productivity

One of the challenges of remote work is keeping your home and work lives separate. If you’re used to going into an office daily, the separation between work and home is physical so it’s super helpful to recreate that as much as possible by having a designated workspace at home. Your workspace doesn’t necessarily have to be its own room, it can just be the corner of a room where you feel that sense of separation from the rest of your home. Whatever you need to be comfortable with the best possible conditions to make you feel inspired. For example, facing a window where you can get some natural lighting, a comfortable chair, some lush plants to give yourself good vibes, and a cooler stocked up with your favorite beverages. Take some time to really figure out what environment will optimize your remote work productivity level and tailor it to your needs. 

A Healthy Work From Home Habit: Home Workouts

Going for a walk around the block is a powerful way to unwind the mind. Not only is it crucial to get up and stretch your legs periodically, but going out for a walk and just taking in some fresh air rejuvenates the mind. Something about trees, clouds, sunshine, and a breeze nourishes one’s soul. Often helps when you’re stuck with a difficult task at work, surprisingly a quick breather to go outside for a walk helps you power through that task. There’s countless online tools at our disposal allowing us to maximize home workouts. Here’s a helpful list of some online home workout options broken down by cost and equipment needed created by our friends over at Vox Home Workout Tools. Good old Youtube can also come in handy for comprehensive home workouts so you don’t miss a beat. Your mind will benefit, your body will benefit, and undoubtedly your work from home productivity will benefit. 

MobyDish Team Is All Smiles Working From Home

Socializing Should Not Stop Just Because You’re Working From Home

When the entire office suddenly starts working from home, you’re cutting off a lot of the casual social interactions you’re used to having throughout the day. Being around others keeps your day unique, less lonely and breaks up the monotony of work. Combat this by talking with your colleagues throughout the day through slack, calls, text, zoom or however your company communicates. Setting aside time to catch up with your co-workers or even collectively having a company Happy Hour through video call at the end of the day helps alleviate anxiousness that long periods of isolation typically amplifies. 

Home Activities: Great Time To Add New Skills

When the world is freaking out, it’s more important than ever that we connect and take care of one another. One of the most powerful outcomes of technology is that we’re able to stay connected, even if we’re physically apart. There’s plenty of home activities that keep us busy in our day to day. However, it’s a great time to pick up skills you’ve been wanting to acquire. Perhaps you’re a foodie and have been wanting to experiment with some new recipes or order food from some of the local restaurants that are still available for takeout. Maybe you’d like to add meditation in your daily routine or take up painting or singing to express another form of creativity you didn’t know you had. The world is your oyster even during these unprecedented times, because let’s face it, we are most definitely in peculiar and uncertain times, but at least we’re all in them together.


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