5 Tips to make office catering better

Plan it at least one week in advance

You really need to plan and think of a lot of things when you organize food catering. So really, even if it is possible with MobyDish to order within 3 min, it is still better if you plan an order for next week on the previous Friday for example. Then you have time to maybe send an email asking for dietary restrictions to your colleagues, or maybe take a little vote to ask what kind of food everyone would love to eat next week? Maybe it’s better to have mediterranean or salads since everybody is getting ready to look astonishing in their swimsuit this summer?


Plan the details

Details matter, so try to think of all of them! Ask if the caterer will provide you with napkins, cutlery, plates. Will someone come to set up? Is it included in the price? Does the caterer have a plan for the food placement? Is there a particular order the delivery person should be aware of? Some caterers will put food in a way that allows people to combine food the right way. You can also have one side with fish and mediterranean light food and on the other side meat, sausages, potatoes and something less light. Finally, don’t hesitate to put some small decorations (bring out your inner designer skills!) to make it more cool and fun. A personal touch is always welcome!


Think logically

In order to plan details in a smart way the easiest thing to do is to imagine the whole process from the ordering to the moment when everybody already ate and everything was cleaned. Ask the caterer to come and take all of their furniture when the catering is done. Think about how you’ll organize the tables, as the caterer doesn’t know how the room looks like. Where will you put the food? Where will people eat? Do you need drinks? Ask for little notes with at least the name of the dish in front of you. Maybe you’ll need salt and pepper?


Talk to the caterer

The caterer need to eventually know what’s his audience is like. If there are a lot of men then probably a meal where there are more proteins is more relevant. Whereas a soup & salad lunch would be more relevant for the models crew of Victoria Secret. Don’t hesitate to give as much information as you can, listen to his ideas and offers and give yours as well. The more you communicate and understand each other more there are chances your catering will be a great success.


Act smarter

If you are reading this article it means you already made some research on how to make the whole catering ordering process easier in a smart way. Then, you also might want to check out this article : 4 Catering Tips Everyone Should Be Using. There are some small things that I repeated in this article because they are very important, such as communication with the caterer and your colleagues but I think you can still find some other nice tips!


There is always a way to make things easier in a smart way, all you need to do is dig a little bit!
Please share your ideas as well !

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