Top NYC Holiday Catering Ideas

Need catering ideas for your office holiday party?

holiday catering nyc

And just like that, the holidays have gone by.

We’re all slowly emerging from winter hibernation mode, vowing for the new year to eat healthy and exercise more to shake off the holiday weight gain.

With the holiday being the busiest season in hospitality, we definitely kept extremely busy with all the holiday catering. Now that we’re finally catching our breath, we’re recapping the top NYC holiday catering meals so you know for next year!


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Shake Shack Catering

What’s more deliciously iconic than Shake Shack? This one’s a foolproof crowd-pleaser for sure, approved by office managers everywhere as the top holiday catering idea!

While your entire office drinks and dances the night away, bring in some Shake Shack catering for the ultimate late night snack. Your entire office will thank you.

Or, order Shake Shack breakfast catering for the morning after hangover cure!

shake shack catering

Order Shake Shack Catering

Greek Catering with Souvlaki GR

Seems like the taste of Mykonos was a hit for holiday parties!

Souvlaki GR serves up fresh and plentiful Greek cuisine. Office managers love tghis greek food catering option because of its perfect grab-and-go nature and variety. At a very affordable price point, serve a feast with skewers, pitas, salads, rice and many more. There’s a little something for everyone here.

souvlkai gr greek food catering for office holiday party catering ideas

Order Greek Food Catering with Souvlaki GR 

Mexican Food Catering with Oxido

Taco ‘bout an office holiday party with heat! Mexican food catering came in the Top 3 cuisines for holiday catering.

With Oxido catering, feed your office DIY Taco Bars or Mexican bowl bars for some catering fun. DIY’s always make for interactive and creative meals that everyone can enjoy.


Mexican food catering for office holiday party catering ideas

Order Mexican Food Catering with Oxido

Charity Catering

In the spirit of love and giving for the holiday season, some of our clients also donated one of their meals to charity – so sweet!

top holiday catering nyc

MobyDish delivering a client’s meal to New Alternatives for Children, Inc.


Organizing and sourcing holiday catering for office parties is no easy task, but luckily with MobyDish catering services, the hardest parts are taken care of for you. MobyDish won’t let you down!

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